Protect, Preserve and Pass on family memories. Somewhere in a closet, attic or basement are boxes or albums filled with family photos of our childhood and our parent’s childhood. These photos need to be cared for and preserved so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. One day, your children and grandchildren will thank you for taking care of your family history. Bring them to Photo Pro to be converted to a digital file.

Small Scans (300 dpi)

Up to 50 Images

.50 each

51-100 Images

.42 each

101-250 Images

36 each

251-500 Images

.30 each

501-1000 Images

.26 each

Large Scans (600 dpi)

Up to 50 Images

.85 each

51-100 Images

.78 each

101-250 Images

.72 each

251-500 Images

.65 each

501-1000 Images

.59 each

Non Standard Print Scanning $1.39 each

Non standard prints refer to images smaller than 2.5”x3”, larger than 8.5”x12”, mounted prints, laminated prints, delicate, bent or torn originals. It also includes prints glued in frames or scrapbook pages. Anything that may be damaged when going through the roller scanner will be directed to be hand scanned at the operator’s discretion.

The Fine Print

Images must be submitted out of frames, albums and folders. If images are not ready to scan when submitted, a 15% preparation fee will be added to your total.


Images to be scanned front and back should be separated and labeled. Both front and back will each be counted as a separate scan.


We honor photographer’s copyrights. Any professional image submitted will not be scanned until proper copyright release can be obtained. We will be happy to help you obtain any necessary copyright releases. Images for which a release is denied will not be scanned.

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