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Retouching & Photo Editing

photo restoration

Restore…Preserve….Enjoy. Preserve priceless family memories by having your damaged photos digitally restored to their original condition. We fix spots, scratches, tears, restore color and replace missing pieces. That’s just a few of the amazing things our Digital Artist can do.

How do we do it?? We scan your original photo and complete all needed restoration work on the digital file. We can then print the repaired image in any size and on any paper surface you want. Don’t forget to get a cd of the photo so you can share your restored image with others! You are provided a quote for your order before any work is completed.


Pricing starts at $20.00

Photo Touch Up

Got that perfect shot but it is just not quite perfect? Maybe it needs a car removed from the background, a stray hair off your subject’s face or need someone removed from the photo? Bring it to us! Senior photo got acne, need those braces removed or looks like there is a tree coming out of your head? Bring it to us! Everyone smiling in the photo except one person? Need a photo sized to fit a locket or charm bracelet? Got glass glare in a photo? Bring it to us!!


Our Digital Artist can fix your photos and make them just how you imaged. Each order is provided a quote before any work is started. Below is a small list to give you an idea of what we can do.*


Acne Removal $10-$15

Add/Remove or Replace a Person $25.

Glass Glare $15-$25

Whitten Teeth $10

Locket Sizing $12

Braces Removal $15-$30

Eyes/Head Replacement $20

Extend Background $20-$40

Eye/Head Replacement $20

Stray Hair Removal $10-$15

*Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the project


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