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Are your memories protected and preserved for the future? If not, convert your negatives and slides to digital files. We color and density correct every image before it is saved to a cd, dvd or usb drive. Your memories are in good hands. Don’t forget you can take those digital files and turn them into books, gift items, collages and more!


135 Negatives

Small Scans (approximately 1.5mb) .59 each frame

Large Scans (approximately 3mb) .79 per frame


120/220 Negatives

Small Scans (approximately 1.5mb) .79 each frame

Large Scans (approximately 3mb) .99 per frame  

Other Sized Negatives

300 DPI Scan 1.39 each frame


135 Slides

Small Scans (approximately 1.5mb) .69 per slide

Large Scans (approximately 3mb) .89 per slide


126/127 Slides

These slides can be scanned in 2 different ways. For the entire image to be retained, a custom hand scan is required at a cost of $1.39. If the slides are cropped to a rectangle (like a 135 slide) some of the image will be cropped and some of the cardboard will be scanned in the file. That cost is .69 each slide for a small scan or .89 each slide for a large scan. See illustration.


110 Slides

300 DPI Scan 1.39

Slides submitted in trays or carousels will be an additional $ .15 each

Slides submitted in metal Airequipt slide carriers will be an additional $ .25 each (Permission to remove slides from metal mount required)





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