Data Recovery

Photo Pro offers data recovery services to attempt to retrieve lost images

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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

What? No images found! What? Where did they go?

Technology is not always our friend. Things can go wrong and memory cards can get corrupted. Photo Pro offers data recovery services to attempt to retrieve those lost images. We have multiple software options to run your data through to recover those images.

Service time is 2 days. If no data is recovered there is no charge for the service. Data is burned to DVD's or a USB drive.

  • Data Recover $24.95 up to 4gb of data

  • Each additional 4 gigs of data recovered $7.95

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Ways to protect your data

  1. Format!! The most important thing that you can do to protect your data on your memory cards is format them in your camera. Whenever you purchase a new card formatting introduces your card to your camera. Formatting a card sets a file type and optimizes it for use in your camera. When you take all the images off your card to a disk or your computer, clear your card by formatting it in your camera. This helps keep your card working correctly.

  2. Understand the difference between formatting and erasing. Simply deleting the data with the delete or erase icon on your camera often leaves fragments of data behind which can affect the capacity and performance of the card over time. Formatting your card occasionally will keep your card performing its best.

  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Memory cards are getting larger all the time. However, all your vacation photos on one memory card may not be the best idea. If you do have a problem with your memory card and the images are not recoverable, all your vacation photos are lost. Using multiple cards throughout your adventures helps protect your memories in case of card failure.

  4. If disaster strikes STOP SHOOTING. If you accidentally erase images or format your memory card, do not shoot additional images on your card. Any new data may cause difficulty in the data recovery process.

  5. Power off! When removing your memory card from your camera, be sure your camera is turned off first.

  6. Eject your cards from your computer. When you are using your memory card in a computer always “eject” your memory card though the My Computer icon in a Windows system. Right click on the card icon and select Eject. With a Mac, drag the memory card icon to the trash and this will safely eject your card from your computer.