Introduction to Lifestyle Family Photography

Long Exposure and Night Photography

Compact Camera Class

Introduction To Digital SLR

Lightroom for Beginners

Intermediate SLR

Sports Photography

Intermediate Lightroom

Advanced DSLR

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Speedlight for Beginners

Introduction to Black and White

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Speedlights for Beginners

PHotography classes & events

We want to help you learn how to use your camera and take great looking photos! We offer classes help you understand your camera and to help you take better pictures.


Along with being very knowledgeable on the latest in camera equipment and technology, our instructors are also very talented photographers. So be sure to bring us your questions during class! Classes are taught by Photo Pro U Instructors, Doug Hoeger & Justin Tedford.


Photo Pro also offers private lessons. Contact Justin Tedford at 319-395-921 to ask any questions you may have or schedule a time.


Our classes offer something for every skill level in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Contact the store at (319)395-9121 to register today!



Current Classes:


Speedlights for Beginners

In this class, you will learn:

Flash Terminology, Parts of the flash, Flash Menus, Flash Diffusion, 1st and, 2nd Curtin Sync, Flash Accessories, Infared vs Radio Controllers........more!


Introduction to Lifestyle Family Photography

Want to take better family photos? We can help! Some of the most cherished family memories are the random and unscripted events in life. Why not learn to take better photos of these events in our life. Join Kim Pagel and Photo Pro’s Justin Tedford as they help you become a better family photographer. Kim will share with you how he photographs these moments for families.


Introduction to Compact Cameras 

Learn basic features and functions of your Compact camera. Learn how to download and store your images, memory cards and more. Our Compact Classes are held the 2nd Monday evening of each month, excluding December. Limited space is available, so please call 319-395-9121 to reserve your seating today!


Introduction to Digital SLR 

Learn the basic features and functions of an SLR, how to use different exposure modes, memory cards and much more. This class is offered the 3rd and 4th Monday. Please call 319-395-9121 to reserve your seating today! 


Lightroom for Beginners 

Learn the basics of importing and organizing your photos into the library module of the program. We'll explore fast & efficient methods to adjust your images & presets that give you quick artistic control. Finally, learn how to export your images for further use and much more... Limited space is available, so please call 319-395-9121 to reserve your seating today! 


Intermediate Digital SLR 

You know the basics and ready for the next step in your photographic journey. Take your photography to the next level with Photo Pro's Intermediate DSLR class! 


Sports Photography 

Are you ready for your sons or daughters sports season? If you have a DSLR then this is the class for you! Learn the ins and outs of sports shooting with Justin Tedford. Learn how to set up your camera, find the best place to shoot, gear and much more. Limited space is available, so please call 319-395-9121 to reserve your seating today! 


Intermediate Lightroom 

You have already taken our Lightroom for Beginners class or know the Lightroom basics. Now you are ready to take your skills to the next level! Call 319-395-9121 to register today! 


Advanced Digital SLR 

You have the basics and intermediate skills as a photographer down. Now what? Take it to the next level with Advanced DSLR. Call 319-395-9121 to register today! 


Photo Boot Camp 

Did you just buy your first DSLR or finally getting around to learning your camera? Photo Boot Camp is your fast track to learning all you need to know about getting great photos in just six weeks. Learn how your camera works and what all those features and functions just do on that camera of yours. Getting better photographs doesn’t have to be hard or challenging. Photo Boot Camp will step you through the basics of photography terminology, composition, homework assignments, photo critiques and more. If your just a hobbyist or wanting to earn money with your passion then then this is the course for you! 


Speedlights For Beginners 

Flash can be intimidating concept for a beginner or seasoned photographer. Learn the basics in the introduction to Canon and Nikon speedlights and get started quick and easily. Call 319-395-9121 to register today. 


Scheduling Soon:


Introduction to Digital Black and White Photography

Learn the basics of Digital Black and White with Instructor Justin Tedford. Justin will go thought what filters to use, times of day to shoot, processing your images, lighting, subject matter and more! 


Introduction to Studio Lighting

Have you purchased a set of studio lights and or thinking about purchasing and your just not sure how they work or the basics? Instructor Justin Tedford will step you through the basics in this great introductory course. Call 319-395-9121


Long Exposure and Night Photography

Open your eyes to a whole new world. Things can really get better after dark. This call will surely take your photography to whole new level. Long Exposure and Night Photography can do just that. Register by calling 319-395-9121


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